A message from Dr. Brody

(updated June 2021)

Ok y'all. We've got a Covid pivot. 

It became clear in mid 2020 that staying in my large clinic wasn't in the cards. The good news is that we were able to mow down our garage in close-in SE (near SE Powell and 21st) and build a gorgeous micro clinic in our driveway.

Because we built it from the ground up we were able to put in an HVAC system that includes 6 full air turnovers per hour with no recirculated air. The high end HVAC plus the IQAir medical grade air purifiers means approximately 8 full air exchanges per hour. We also have medical grade UV-C air and surface cleaners which we are able to use between patients. I feel confident in saying you're not going to find a safer place for your naturopathic and acupuncture care.

Please scroll down for information about how we are moving forward with appointments and logistics!


The clinic is by appointment only as our staff is 100% virtual at this time.

Our phone reception hours are M, W from 1-6 and Tu from 10-3, and Th from noon to 4:00pm. Our phone number and fax number will remain the same.

We will continue to offer high quality supplements for sale and we will continue to discount any product that retails for over $40 by 20%. You can pick up your supplements at the new clinic by arrangement (contactless, natch) or we can drop directly to your door! At this time we will be paying for your shipping for any order over $50.

Please call the office, message through the portal, or email us at office@healthypdx.com with your order.


I am still focusing on TELEMEDICINE VISITS but am able to see patients in person if there is a specific need. At this time most insurances in Oregon are continuing to cover virtual care. Please check with your insurance to confirm details of your specific policy.

As an aside, if you are in support of social distancing and keeping everyone as safe as possible PLEASE contact your insurance company and tell them that you feel that they should be covering virtual visits for the foreseeable future.

Please know I have been caring for patients and clients virtually for years and am very comfortable with this approach. Is it exactly the same as in-person? No. Is it still a great way to have your health needs met? Absolutely. If there is an issue that we decide together needs to be addressed in-person we can figure out a safe plan for you to get the care you need with me or with an appropriate provider.

As for what we can and can't do online...you can be seen for any general follow-up as well as any new issues that pop up, or for any issues related to your immune system health, risks, or worries about COVID-19. If you are having any symptoms that you think are related to the COVID-19 virus please call your PCP. If you are told to stay home and would like any advice about self-care there, I am happy to meet with you for that as well.

If you wish to schedule call the office as usual, or email office@healthypdx.com and I will follow up by email to get you scheduled. 


I am currently seeing a limited number of acupuncture at the clinic.

As I have high risk family members and patients, I would ask that you only request to schedule in person if you are vaccinated (if you are able), and avoiding large unmasked gatherings and travel to areas where risk remains very high. If this doesn't work for you and you are needing treatment please contact me (via our contact form) and I am happy to try to find you someone who is less strict with their parameters at this time.

Please note that the lion's share of the time there are things I can do to help with whatever you are being treated for with acupuncture with naturopathic care! Please feel free to contact us with questions about this.


As usual if you need a prescription please call your pharmacy and they will fax us the order. Per pharmacy policy we need at least a week lead time for all prescriptions. If your prescription is compounded we need two weeks (as the pharmacy may take up to a week to make it). If it is time for you to have an appointment before your prescription is filled, we can do that virtually.


I am generally recommending that people remain cautious even if vaccinated. The vaccine is not designed to prevent infection but designed to keep people out of the hospital, and alive. The fact that it is preventing a significant percentage of infections is a bonus. What we don't know yet is if mild cases that people catch post vaccine are also causing long Covid symptoms. We also don't know how well the vaccine will do against emerging variants of the virus. As of this update (early June) we are seeing a significantly lower efficacy against the Delta variant (out of India) and this is projected to be the dominant variant within a month or so. This variant is more contagious, affects children more, and may cause more severe symptoms.

We are all ready to be done with this but please remain vigilant. We're not quite out of the woods yet.

In short, consider keeping that mask on inside and avoiding indoor restaurants for a little longer.

Each and every one of us can make a difference.

All my best,