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About the Clinic

Evergreen Natural Health Center Portland Oregon photoAt Evergreen Natural Health Center our goal is to provide the highest quality naturopathic and Chinese medical care available. We take the time to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient, treating the whole person and recognizing that all aspects of the patient’s health—physical, emotional, and mental—are inseparably related. We believe that health is feeling vital and is not merely the absence of disease.

The physical clinic, in Southwest Portland, is an 1800 square foot space opened by Dr. Brody in 2007. She set out to create a beautiful environment filled with natural materials that would allow patients to relax and enjoy their time there.

We pride ourselves on short wait times and long enough appointments that you feel heard. You’ll not find yourself in the waiting room long, unless you are one of those who deliberately arrive early to enjoy our magazine selection and a cup of tea before your appointment.

The practitioners at ENHC have a truly integrative approach that reaches beyond our clinic. We not only work together collaborating on patient care, but we also are committed to assisting you in putting together a team that meets your individual needs. That may include western medical primary care and specialists as well as practitioners of other natural health disciplines. We understand that each patient has his or her own value system around health. It is our job to understand your values and support you within them.

We have our operating hours, address and contact form here, and find directions to our office here.

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About Our Team

Dr. Samantha Brody

• Licensed Naturopathic Physician
• Acupuncturist
• Founder of ENHC

“It is my job to use a combination of knowledge, experience and intuition along with an understanding of each patient’s individual values to offer an approach that is truly unique to that patient.”

Have you always known you wanted to be a doctor? I’ve always thought that I could have had any number of different careers because my interests are so varied. In college I was in a performance group called Rhythm & Shoes, ostensibly an early ‘90s Glee. I loved it. If I’d had a bit more talent I might have pursued that route for a career (and when I say a bit, I mean a lot.) But then again, I adored numbers and I couldn’t just ignore that. My geek claim to fame is that I truly loved and enjoyed studying for for and taking the SATs. I even took them a third time for fun.

My first major in college was economics and at that time I thought I’d follow in my father’s footsteps and go to business school. I studied psychology as my second major in college and was on the verge of becoming a therapist before I learned of Naturopathic medicine. Once that happened, it was a done deal. I knew without a doubt that I had found my career. Well, almost. I had been getting acupuncture for several years by that point and when I realized I could combine them, the picture was complete.

Dr. Samantha Family

What do you like to do for fun? A few years ago a neighbor asked my husband where I’d been since she hadn’t seen me in a while. He responded that I just prefer being inside organizing. It’s true, kind of. I do love having a clean and organized space around me. It keeps my head clear and allows me to be able to focus on whatever task or activity is at hand. That might include throwing a frisbee with my ten year old, curling up and reading a book of short stories, or going to watch one of my kid’s soccer, ultimate frisbee or futsal games.

In the last few years I’ve also started traveling again. I have a hobby of “miles hacking” where I use tips and tricks to accrue airline miles for free travel. In the last few years I’ve traveled to Guatemala, Mexico, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Belize, as well as a number of other places in the US without paying a dime! And photography. I love taking photos. You can follow me on Instagram @DrSamanthaND!

What is your health and healing philosophy? I believe that the best approach is the one that is least likely to cause harm and the most likely to heal. Sometimes that may mean a medication while you make lifestyle changes that will ultimately resolve your concerns. Other times it may mean dietary changes and supplements. Two people can walk into my office with the same medical diagnosis, yet walk out with completely different treatment plans. It is my job to use a combination of knowledge, experience and intuition along with an understanding of each patient’s individual values to offer an approach that is truly unique to that patient.

What makes your approach unique? I am a physician but also a health educator and coach here to introduce you to new ways of caring for yourself.

At your first appointment, we talk about you, your history and your health goals. At your own pace, we will challenge, “I can’t,” and explore what is in your control. I give you the tools to implement changes in your life.

I never present patients with a laundry list of things they cannot eat or supplements they must take. I work with each individual to educate not only about what I think is going on in his or her body, but about why I am making each and every recommendation. (And I take one step beyond that: coaching how to implement the changes I may recommend.) Sometimes we cannot make a condition go away entirely. But by decreasing the overall stress on the system, we can decrease symptoms and discomfort, while increasing energy and improving outlook at the same time.

Learn more about Dr. Samantha’s education, training, and licensing.

Visit Dr. Samantha’s website for virtual consults, speaking, and writing.

Katje Hopkins, Office Manager

enhc katje“I admire and appreciate the ENHC practitioners’ unwavering desire to find the root of her patient’s issues and treating each person as an individual. “

What to you do for ENHC?

You will find me front desk answering phone calls and taking care of patients as they come in and leave the office. I also delight in doing all the little tasks that keep things running smoothly for our practitioners: like keeping the office tidy and the supplement shelves well organized. Always with a smile and usually some comic relief.

What brought you to ENHC? I originally came here as a patient. In Western medicine I ran into the Band-aid mentality too often when it came to my health. While living down south, my PCP prescribed Nexium for my constant heart burn and stomach pain. Now, it said on my chart “allergic to wheat”, something I was diagnosed with at eight. He didn’t even ask me about my diet! A few months later I found the first package of gluten free noodles I had seen in two years. Not surprisingly after removing wheat from my diet again the heart burn went away. I admire and appreciate our practitioners’ unwavering desire to find the root of her patient’s issues and treating each person as an individual. After having Dr. Brody as a physician I practically begged to work here.

What are you up to when you’re not at ENHC? My husband and I have a very active and curious toddler who keeps us busy and laughing. Being a mom is the thing that makes me feel the most like “me”. As a family we love to go on day hikes in the Gorge and camping at my family’s cabin in the Olympic Mountains. I love to garden, plan parties, work as a volunteer archaeologist for PSU (I have a BS in anthropology) and am discovering GF baking with my son (he loves pouring things into the KitchenAid).

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